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EMC Forum 2014

Dubai  | 17th November 2014
Redefine IT and Business to a Software-Defined Enterprise – Attend EMC Forum!
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Why Attend EMC Forum?

Interact with colleagues at EMC Forums! From trends and cloud directions to use cases and discussions, EMC Forum covers it all. Connect with peers, learn from experts, and experience demos. EMC Forum is definitely time well spent.

Adrian McDonald welcomes you to a bigger and better EMC Forum 2014.

EMC Forum has never been more about you – designed for you, by you and helping redefine your business. Learn more by viewing the video and discovering what’s in store for you at Forum 2014.

Event Date & Location

Venue & Cost: Madinat Jumeirah Conference Center



Registration & Morning Refreshments


Jawhara Plenary Room

Murjan 1

Murjan 2

Meeting Romm 1

Track Name

Cloud & Storage

Big Data & Application

Data Security & Availability

Deep Dive Track


Cloud Infrastructure Redefined: Delivering “Anything-as-a-Service”

The era of the 3rd Platform is upon us—so how can you capitalize on the massive opportunity it represents? Learn how we're redefining cloud infrastructure to optimize your data center for the 3rd platform, while serving the continuing needs of the 2nd. EMC is making “Anything-as-a-Service” possible with Converged Infrastructure and EMC’s hybrid cloud solutions, so you can serve the needs of your business today – and tomorrow. Learn how you can drive greater business value by empowering on-demand, self-service capabilities to your end-users. With agility, efficiency, security, and control, redefine your own success in this new era of opportunity.

Data Lake: The Evolution of Data Infrastructure

IT departments are turning to Data Lake strategies to lower costs as data grows, and meet business demands through high-performance, self service access and analysis to all data sources. In this session, we will cover the EMC’s documented and proven Data Lake solution, enabling Big Data technologies such as Hadoop and Software-defined Storage to minimize data siloes, and significantly alter the cost dynamics to store all, new and multiple data types in a scalable, distributed environment. EMC’s solution brings together hardware, software and services elements from across the federation, most notably Isilon, Pivotal, ViPR, EMC Global Services and PS@E.

Redefine Data Protection

Regardless of how much data you have, what applications are creating it or where it resides, all data needs protection. EMC sets the stage for this new data protection reality, one that demands increased user control and visibility, a protection continuum and “as a service” consumption models. If you are having difficulty meeting your data protection requirements in an "IT as a Service" world? Learn how recent technical developments in Avamar, NetWorker, Data Domain, Data Protection Advisor and Mozy can solve the most difficult data protection challenges with advanced integration with enterprise apps and virtual environments as well as cloud backup solutions for enterprises and services providers.

Redefine Storage: EMC Storage Strategy

Over the past 30 years, as we have transitioned from the mainframe era to the internet era to the recent birth of cloud computing and the explosion of mobile devices, we have seen the number of applications grow from thousands to many millions. This explosion of new and ever diversifying workloads has driven significant innovation in the storage industry. In this session we will examine how EMC’s Storage Strategy has been driven by these market forces. After this session, you will be able to rapidly differentiate between storage offerings from any vendor and have a better understanding on how to match the right EMC storage product for your datacenter.


Focus on Business and not infrastructure. A perspective from VCE

Tom O'Reilly

As companies large and small look to adopt Cloud as their preferred computing platform, a lot of the old rules associated with DataCenters no longer apply. A company investing in Cloud wants agility, innovation and a lower cost base from their IT organisation. Furthermore, many senior executives and Line of Business owners who fund these projects have been told that this is what they should expect. So, what are the keys to unlocking success, and how should your IT organisation be prepared to change to meet these demands?



End User Computing [VDI]

The way we work today is very different from the past. A more agile workforce is demanding work environments that are accessible anytime, from anywhere, on any device—all without losing performance. At the same time, business needs are changing; emerging new challenges include lowering cost, securing sensitive data, and supporting a BYOD strategy. In this session, learn how implementing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) using an All-Flash or Hybrid Array Strategy could be the answer to help solve these challenges. Explore how to improve end-user experience and productivity, reduce IT costs, improve data protection, and ultimately increase agility and flexibility for your business.


Coffee Break


Plenary Room


Welcome and Opening

Habib MahakianRegional General Manager – Gulf & Pakistan



Jonathan MartinEMC CMO


Customer Testimonial - EMC in UAE


Coffee Break & Exhibition

Jawhara Room - Cisco

Murjan Room





Better Together: The new choice in enterprise - Lenovo

Raj Kuttalam Director Operations, Lenovo Middle East & Africa



Plenary Room - Jawhara


Murjan 2


Redefine Possible with the XtremIO All-Flash Array. Performance is only the beginning

What is Flash, and why is it so different? How does it impact existing EMC products and enabled a whole new product category? Our customers' applications demand architecture choice; this session looks at Flash across EMC business units, with demonstrations highlighting the advantages of a Hybrid All Flash Array and a Purpose Built All Flash Array. It will also cover the impact of XtremIO on the industry and how EMC is driving the transition to flash with superior architecture and unique capabilities that deliver superior value with XtremIO. With XtremIO you not only get world-class scale-out AFA performance that is the most consistent and predictable in the industry, you also get the most advanced set of inline data services that Redefine what a storage array can do. To learn more, please visit

Smart City: Redefine your IT infrastructure

Redefining Availability and Disaster Recovery With VPLEX and RecoverPoint

EMC continues to accentuate its unique ability to address the full data protection continuum by offering continuous availability, mobility and disaster recovery for more environments and multi-site configurations. EMC introduces VPLEX Virtual Edition - the industry's first virtualized solution that offers both continuous availability and data mobility in a low-cost, 100% software deployment. And, EMC introduces MetroPoint topology, an industry-unique 3 site business continuity capability for mission critical applications.


Brocade Data Center Solutions For IT Innovation

The confluence of Cloud, Mobile, Big Data and Social is providing for a new wave of IT innovation that IDC has termed the 3rd Platform.  The session will cover  Brocade Data Center Solutions with Fibre Channel, Ethernet Fabric, SDN, and NFV and how you can integrate these into your own 3rd Platform strategy.


Advanced Security Redefined

More attacks are being faced lately than ever before, with breaches reported across all industries. Organizations are evolving from 'how do we prevent a breach' to 'how do we most quickly detect and respond to a breach when it inevitably occurs’. This session discusses best practices for using intelligence-driven security for collection and analysis of threats, vulnerabilities and consequences. Whether small business or global service provider, security teams need to be equipped with the right tools in order to gain visibility, more quickly respond to incidents, and adequately distribute resources where they matter most.


Coffee Break & Exhibition


ReDefine Enterprise Storage: VMAX3/VNX MCX

The EMC VMAX Family is the world’s most powerful, trusted, enterprise-class storage solution for data center consolidation, mission critical applications, and hybrid clouds. In July we announce the next generation VMAX ("VG3R"), the foundation for mission critical cloud. In this session customers will learn the new capabilities that will deliver power at scale, on demand services, and maximum control.

Building a Multi-protocol, analytics-enabled, Data Lake with Isilon

Come learn why businesses around the globe are centralizing their file data into a multiprotocol data lake that is analytics-enabled and has multiple consumption models.

Redefine EMC Video Surveillance: From Edge to Core

Learn how EMC Video Surveillance helps you meet the needs of an open, flexible and cost-effective video surveillance storage infrastructure. Video Surveillance architectures are gravitating toward more of a distributed model. EMC’s video surveillance solutions cover the storage needs of the entire surveillance infrastructure, from on-the-edge components to a large, scalable central storage repository.


EMC ViPR & ECS: A Lap Around Software-Defined Storage

Concerned with data growth, controlling CapEX and want all the value of a public cloud but at the right price and control point? Then you won't want to miss this session. Come hear how ViPR and ECS can change cloud economics to help you fundamentally redefine your business. This session focuses on key capabilities of ViPR Control Services and Data Services, new product features and will introduce ECS - the world's first commercially available complete web-scale storage infrastructure for your data center.

EMC IT: Creating New Business Value with Big Data

Big Data, the third platform and the Internet of Everything are changing how we do business and deliver value for our business units and customers. During this session, EMC IT will share how its Business Analytics-as-a-Service, data science and predictive analytics strategy—leveraging Pivotal and Greenplum technologies—are creating value for EMC’s IT, sales, marketing, and customer service organizations.

InfoArchive session

Many organizations such as Banks and Telcos reserve as much as 70% of a modern enterprise’s IT budget maintains applications and information, such as static information needed for historical or compliance purposes, as well as applications kept alive to preserve that information. EMC InfoArchive allows these organizations to adopt a smart archiving strategy that improves access to static information, while providing CIOs the opportunity to drastically lower the costs associated with maintaining, licensing, and backing up those systems.The result is better compliance, more productive users, lower backup and storage costs, and more resources to focus on forward-looking innovation


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