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EMC Forum 2013

Lead Your Transformation

Learn how EMC cloud solutions transform IT and business. Attend a complimentary EMC Forum and explore how Cloud transforms IT, Big Data transforms Business, and Trust transforms Cloud.

Riyadh – 26 November 2013

Why Attend EMC Forum?

From business trends and cloud directions to real-world use cases and interactive discussions, EMC Forum is definitely worthwhile. Connect with peers, learn from experts, and get solution demos. Hundreds of your colleagues attend; you should, too!

Keynote Speaker:
Adrian McDonald

Adrian McDonald President, EMEA at EMC based at EMC's UK & Ireland headquarters in Brentford, Middlesex. Charged with ensuring that EMC's Sales, Technology Solutions, Customer Service, and Partner/Alliance groups evangelise the unique value that EMC brings to both customers and business partners. 

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Adrian McDonald

EMC Forum EMEA 2013
Lead Your Transformation

Get ready for EMC Forum 2013 – the one-day technology conference that helps you lead your company’s IT and business transformation.

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Event Date & Location

Date: 26 November, 08:30 - 18:00
Venue & Cost: Four Seasons, FREE
Address: Kingdom Centre, 2239 Al Urubah Rd, Olaya, P.O. Box 231000, Riyadh 12214, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 (1) 211-5000

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Four Seasons, Riyadh


08:00 – 09:00
Registration & Morning Refreshments
Venue Plenary Room Breakout C Breakout B Breakout A
09:00 – 10:00
Virtual Infrastructure Backup and Recovery
Session Type: Technical Deep-Dive
by Syed Saleem

To reach your virtualization goals, you have to get backup right or it will slow you down. Learn how you can transform your data protection with a solution that’s optimized for VMware and Hyper-V environments, accelerating your cloud deployments.

Flash Technology for the Cloud
Session Type: Technical Deep-Dive
by Hovannes Kasparian

Flash technologies and cloud services are well beyond the planning and strategizing phase, and well into the execution and deployment phase in ways CIOs today can easily adopt with much less risk than ever before. EMC Xtrem product family leverages flash technology across the data center, redefining what is possible to enable IT organizations offer IT –as-a-Service as part of their journey to the Cloud. This session explores EMC Xtrem product family within the context of today’s ITaaS value proposition to the enterprise business .

Next Generation of Data Availability and Mobility
Session Type: Technical Deep-Dive
by Muhannad Shiekh Ali & Fadi Saadeh

This Presentation is intended for technical people in your IT department and will include deep dive on the VPLEX technology. The presentation will cover a background in continuous availability and data protection and introduces the VPLEX product family and the architecture. All the important VPLEX use cases will be covered, as well as VPLEX integration with RecoverPoint for data protection anywhere. At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Understand the Internal Architecture of VPLEX Local & VPLEX Metro
  • Data availability, mobility and collaboration With VPLEX
  • Access Anywhere Protect Everywhere with RecoverPoint And VPLEX
  • Gain an Understanding of Performance aspects of VPLEX and VPLEX + RecoverPoint Solutions
  • Understand the VPLEX differentiators with the leading competition in the market
Transform End User Computing (VDI) with EMC
Session Type: Technical Deep-Dive
by Bassam Zantout

This VDI-focused session delivers a spectacular overview of EMC’s Flash, Unified, as well as Scale-out Storage appliances, in addition to Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View, all in one interactive deep dive session that addresses various design aspects for deploying a successful virtual desktop infrastructure using EMC’s best-of-breed components. Understand the performance and sizing requirements, learn when and how to utilize flash and magnetic drives, gain insight into EMC’s VSPEX and VCE Vblock’s VDI solutions, and take note of often overlooked VDI behaviors that have been gathered by EMC VDI professionals from lessons learned over the years. Whether you’re a virtualization architect, a storage guru, or simply a stakeholder looking into setting up VDI in your organization, this session is a must see!

Venue Plenary Room
10:15 – 10:40
Welcome and Opening
by Mohammad Talaat, Regional Managing Director for Saudi, Egypt & Libya
10:40 – 11:30
by Adrian McDonald, EMEA President
11:30 – 12:00
Customer Testimonial
12:00 – 12:30 Coffee Break & Exhibition
12:30 – 13:00
Cisco: Leading Innovation in the Data Center
by Scott Manson, Data Center Leader - Turkey, KSA & Middle East
Venue: Breakout B

Attend this presentation to learn the advantages of Cisco UCS, Cisco Unified Fabric, and Cisco Unified Management. The Cisco Unified Data Center can change the economics of the data center by unifying networking, compute, storage, virtualization, and management into a single platform. The results are operational simplicity and business agility, which are essential for virtualization, cloud computing, and deploying IT-as-a-Service. Find out why infrastructure matters and how Cisco and EMC solutions can decrease costs, enhance scalability, and improve performance.

Vmware: Enabling IT as a Service for Your Organization
by Deepak Narain, Regional Presales Mgr. MENA
Venue: Breakout A

IT Departments are under pressure as never before. Businesses are demanding both agility and cost reduction while at the same time diverting more of their resources to external cloud services, unbound by regulatory restraints. During this session we will explore how VMware and EMC can help IT meet these demands by transforming from a cost centre into the supplier of agile business services whilst taking full advantage of cloud economics.

13:00 – 13:30
Mobily: Telco to ICT Provider
by DR. Marwan Al Ahmadi, Chief Business Officer - CBO
Venue: Breakout B
Accenture: How Big Data Can Fuel Bigger Growth
by Massimo Cannizzo , Technology Consulting Lead in Accenture Middle East
Venue: Breakout A
  Cloud Big Data/Security EMC بالعربي
Venue Plenary Room Breakout C Breakout B Breakout A
13:45 – 14:15
True Storage Virtualization with EMC ViPR Software-Defined Storage
Session Type: Solution Overview
by Dayne Turbitt

To be successful in today's world, enterprises and service providers need to transform storage to reduce management and operational complexity automate storage for better operational efficiencies, and provide users with simple, on-demand storage access. This session explains how EMC ViPR, the first truly open software-defined storage platform, abstracts EMC and non-EMC storage from physical arrays into a single pool of virtual storage. You’ll learn how it centralizes storage management and monitors utilization, performance and health, and how the open, API-driven storage platform the creation and delivery of global data services that span block, file and object storage.

Next Generation EMC: Lead Your Enterprise Storage Transformation
Session Type: Solution Overview
by Raddad Shanaa

EMC is building the future of storage solutions for cloud, virtualization, files, and applications. Join us for an inside look at EMC’s comprehensive Enterprise storage portfolio [VMAX Editions], enabling massive consolidations, predictable service levels all the time with unprecedented availability.

Pivotal: Big, Fast Data and the Path to New Business Value
Session Type: Solution Overview
by Mark Sear

The new data world runs on applications accessible around the clock from any device. To provide data at speed and scale requires a multi-tiered data strategy combining in-memory data management with a peta-scale database for deep analysis. This session outlines EMC’s Pivotal platform and how it merges Big and Fast Data to create new business value.

مستجدات تقنيات التخزين الحديثة
by Nizar Hussein
نزار حسين

انضم الينا لتتعرف على أحدث المستجدات و التقنيات المستخدمة في التمهيد للحوسبة السحابية و تخزين و حفظ البيانات بطريقة فعالة و آمنة.
تناقش هذه المحاضرة آخر التطورات لبناء مركز معلومات حديث و فعال يتوائم مع المتطلبات المستقبلية عن طريق تبني المزايا التي تناسب احتياجاتك على مستوى مؤسستك، وتطبيقات المهام الحرجة المتنوعة، والسحب الهجينة.

14:15 – 14:45
VCE: Focus on Business Not Infrastructure with VBlockTM Systems
Session Type: Sponsor Session
by Burney Barker, VP of EMEA Sales

Organisations need to deploy new applications and projects to support business growth and cost reduction, but in many cases budgets are static or reducing. VCE will discuss how we can help you drive costs out of the infrastructure and free up budget and resources for those new innovation projects. Converged Infrastructure solutions can help you: deploy new applications up to five times faster, reduce infrastructure cost by up to 68%, and deliver 83 times higher availability

Re-Inventing Midrange Storage: The New, Flash-Optimized VNX
Session Type: Solution Overview
by Moath Taslaq

Learn about the world’s top-performing storage, data protection, and cloud solution for midrange environments. EMC VNX Unified Storage accelerates the transformation and protection of virtualized and cloud data centers through deep integration of solutions, applications, management, and storage in high-speed protection storage architectures, delivering the industry’s best price/performance.

Transform Your Physical/Network Surveillance
Session Type: Solution Overview
by Fadi Fakhouri

EMC is a leading provider of information infrastructure systems, software and services; in particular the management and storage of data.
The EMC CCTV Security division specializes in helping both public and private sector entities to migrate their legacy security camera systems to a digital network to enable them to manage, archive, protect, authenticate and scale their video surveillance system more effectively with advanced content management, analytics and enterprise-class architecture solutions

مستقبل تقنيات النسخ الاحتياطي وحفظ البيانات
by Ahmed Fouad
أحمد فؤاد

سنناقش في هذه المحاضرة القصيرة أفضل السبل للحصول علي التصميم الأمثل لنظام النسخ الاحتياطي وحفظ البيانات لضمان أفضل مستوى خدمة لمؤسستك و الأهم من ذلك لتأمين بيانات عملائك.

14:45 – 15:45 Lunch & Exhibition
15:45 – 16:15
Brocade: The Data Centre Transformation is underway… Is your Network ready?
Session Type: Sponsor Session
by Hayden Sadler, OEM Partner Manager for Brocade Middle East and North Africa

In this session, long-standing EMC partner Brocade will review the state of the Fibre Channel SAN market where Brocade continues to enjoy a market leadership role. We will then examine how current Data Center transformation trends are driving new requirements such as the Brocade Connectrix B-Series Gen 5 Fibre Channel and Fabric Vision technology. The session will close with the Brocade vision on the future of Fibre Channel Technology standards and benefits and how they can support your own Data Center transformation.

SAP Cloud...Powered by HANA
Session Type: Sponsor Session
by Walid Farrag, CRM Business Development Manager
Wipro: Governance on Cloud
Session Type: Sponsor Session
by Amal Bhattacharya, General Manager - Head Presales & Padman Kumar Patra, Practice Partner - Business Transformation Practice
ماتكو: شريكك الاستراتيجي في المملكة
Ziad Azar
زياد عزار
16:15 – 16:45
Optimize Your Database Environments with EMC and VMWare
Session Type: Solution Overview
by Sam Afyouni

To virtualize Oracle, Windows, and SAP business critical applications requires infrastructure design and deployment that maximizes performance and efficiency of application owners and storage administrators. This session will discuss EMC best practices to increase virtualized database performance while making DBAs and IT teams more efficient at managing virtualized database infrastructure environment.

Change the Game with EMC Backup and Archive
Session Type: Product Overview
by Aamir Saleem

The game is changing. Backup and archive are no longer just defensive tactics; they are offensive strategies that accelerate business. You need the right game plan to meet today’s requirements and evolve for what’s next. This session will map EMC’s backup and archive strategy and explain how products like Avamar, Data Domain and NetWorker will keep you ahead of the game

Joining Forces: Bringing Big Data to your Security Team
Session Type: Solution Overview
by Mohammad AlAzab

This session discusses the opportunity for the security team’s newest member to improve protection and reduce risk, focusing especially on the critical role of security strategy and management

  • How can you use the flood of security-relevant Big Data to improve your security profile?
  • How can organizations secure the Big Data systems themselves?
برمجيات إدارة موارد التخزين
by Salim Omar & Ayman ElMarazky
سليم عمر و ايمن المرازقي

تتيح لك برامج إدارة التخزين حلولاً موسعه للمراقبه، الرصد، الإبلاغ، و تحليل بيئات التخزين الأفتراضيه و اللإفتراضيه. تتيح لك أيضاً لتحليل مكونات التخزين، إدارة نمو البيانات، و تحسين البيئه الخاصه بك لزيادة العائد على الأستثمار.

16:45 – 17:15
Storage Resource Management [SRM Suite]
Session Type: Product Overview
by Dayne Turbitt

The Storage Resource Management Suite provides comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and analysis for heterogeneous block, file, and virtualized storage environments. It enables you to visualize application to storage dependencies, analyze configurations and capacity growth, and optimize your environment to improve return on investment.

EMC Isilon: Scale-Out Storage for Big Data & Cloud
Session Type: Product Overview
by Ali Hassib

In this session you will discover:

  • Today’s challenge and shift in data and applications landscape
  • How Isilon as a platform can fit in today’s and future needs for big data growth
  • Isilon main features (high level) that help addressing those challenges
  • Solutions and Applications that benefit from Isilon platform features
Battling Cyber Crime with Cyber Intelligence
Session Type: Solution Overview
by Omar Fathallah

Big Data security analytics and Cyber Intelligence have become essential tools to combat cyber attacks.
This session presents real-world examples from RSA Cyber Crime Intelligence and the RSA eFraudNetwork cloud to show the threats that enterprises face and how the combination of security analytics and cyber intelligence can detect and combat cyber crime

الذكية لحماية البيانات والأمن الإلكتروني RSA حلول
by Mohammad Al Azab & Fady Mantash
محمد العزب و فادي منتش

أر إس أي/RSA هي الذراع الأمني لشركة "إي إم سي” العالمية، وتعتبر المزود الأول لحلول الحماية التقنية وإدارة الأمن الإلكتروني. RSA تساعد على نجاح الجهات الحكومية والخاصة الرائدة من خلال توفير حلول لمواجهة التهديدات التقنية الأمنية الأكثر تعقيداً وحساسية لضمان جودة الخدمة واستمرارية الأعمال. انضم الينا في هذه المحاضرة لتتعرف على أحدث المستجدات في تقنيات الحماية الحديثة للتعامل مع مهددات الاختراقات الأمنية وحوادث سرقة البيانات.

17:15 – 17:30 Exhibition Finale & Mega Prize Draw

 EMC Session
 Sponsor Session


Adrian McDonald

Adrian McDonald President, EMEA at EMC based at EMC's UK & Ireland headquarters in Brentford, Middlesex. Charged with ensuring that EMC's Sales, Technology Solutions, Customer Service, and Partner/Alliance groups evangelise the unique value that EMC brings to both customers and business partners. 

Adrian previously oversaw EMC's EMEA-North region, before assuming overall responsibility for EMEA in July 2012. Previously, from 2003 to 2011, Adrian served as Senior Vice-President & General Manager for EMC's business in the UK & Ireland. His tenure was characterised by a relentless focus on innovation, notably with a successful services- and solutions-led agenda which Adrian introduced and which continues to underpin the company's drive for market-share capture.

Since joining EMC in 1988, Adrian has held a variety of US-based, international and global positions. During the 1990s, he helped establish and then run many of EMC's international subsidiaries. After successfully running individual country operations, in 2000 Adrian was appointed Vice-President and managed EMC's Germany, East Europe, Middle East and Africa region. Adrian holds a BA Hons degree in History and Politics from Warwick University and is an alumni of Columbia Business School.

Cisco Speaker: Scot Manson
Data Center Leader - Turkey, KSA and Middle East

Scott joined Cisco in September 2010 as Regional Manager for Emerging Markets, following a year long tenure managing joint sales opportunities between BMC Software and Cisco across Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Since moving to Cisco Scott has been focused on selling the Cisco Data Center Business Advantage proposition across all verticals in Europe and the Middle East, and currently manages a team of Data Center Product Sales Specialist, covering KSA, Middle East and Turkey.
Scott has over 15 years of experience in Information Technology. His technology background includes Data Center management, middleware and application technologies.

VMware Speaker: Deepak Narain

Deepak Narain is the Regional Presales Manager for VMware in the Middle East & North Africa. In this role, Deepak and his team are responsible for helping customers accelerate their IT transformation by leveraging the power of virtualization and cloud computing.
Prior to VMware, Deepak has held leadership positions in engineering, marketing and product management at a number of leading IT vendors including EMC, Lucent Technologies and Ascend Communications. Deepak holds an MBA from Boston University, a MS in Computer Science from WPI and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.

Accenture Speaker: Massimo Cannizzo
Technology Consulting Lead

MASSIMO CANNIZZO is a Managing Director of Accenture, in charge since 2010 of the IT Strategy Consulting practice of Accenture for South-East Europe and Middle East. Massimo moved early on 2013 to UAE taking also the lead of Technology Consulting in Middle-East Region. In this role he supervises Accenture offering development and sales and delivery activities in Middle East related to IT Strategy & Transformation, Infrastructure Consulting and Outsourcing, and Security, leveraging Accenture global capabilities in Consulting, System Integration and Outsourcing.
During his 23 years of career, Massimo , after a period of activity in Aerospace in United States, has driven important IT Transformation programs in multiple European countries and different industries, including Telecommunication, Banking, Insurance, Energy, Public Services and Products. Massimo has helped C-level management of many companies to build their Vision on Technology trends and leverage Innovation to differentiate their companies on the market.
Mr. Cannizzo graduated in 1992 in Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Rome. he joined Accenture in 1997 and became Partner in 2005.

Brocade Speaker: Hayden Sadler

Hayden Sadler is the OEM Partner Manager for Brocade Middle East and North Africa. He has extensive experience ranging from technical consulting to sales with over 22 years in the Information Technology industry with a strong focus on the Storage sector. Prior to joining Brocade Hayden worked for a number of global IT vendors.

VCE Speaker: Burney Barker

Burney Barker serves as the VP of EMEA Sales. In this capacity, he is responsible for driving VCE sales across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa working closely with partners and customers to deliver world-class solutions.
Prior to this role, Burney served as VCE’s Vice President of Sales for Service Providers and Systems Integrators globally. Burney was also with EMC for 11 years where he most recently led a worldwide sales team focused on Service Providers and System Integrators. In this role, he was able to significantly grow both EMC and Partner revenue based on joint solutions and sales pursuits. Previously at EMC, he was responsible for direct sales to some of EMC's largest Enterprise clients. Burney holds a Masters and bachelors degree from Kennesaw State University

Talal AlBakr

The plenary session is hosted by - Talal AlBakr

vLab Demos

Station Number vLab Demo Name vLab Demo Description
#1 Transform Enterprise File Sharing with EMC Syncplicity Allow all users to access, share and collaborate with all of their documents and files from any location, on any device, at any time and with anyone with EMC Syncplicity. BYOD in action.
#2 Battle Cybercrime with Cyber Intelligence Based on RSA Archer Proactively identify, classify, and remediate organisational and operational risks, adhere to government, industry, and corporate compliance mandates consistently and cost-effectively with RSA Archer eGRC platform.
#3 Software-Defined Storage with EMC ViPR Centralize EMC & 3rd party storage management, utilization, performance and health monitoring to deliver global data services that span block, file and object storage using an open, API-driven platform with EMC ViPR.
#4 Using NetWorker with SourceOne and DataDomain See the new NetWorker integrated VMware protection using the vSphere UI and a new block-based Backup feature for Windows file systems to archive more efficiently with EMC SourceOne.
#5 Next Generation Cyber-Crime Detection with RSA NetWitness Reduce fraud losses regardless of channel by preventing cyber-crime, identity theft, and other threats targeting your customers with RSA NetWitness security analytics platform.
#6 Protect Microsoft Applications with EMC AppSync EMC AppSync and ItemPoint with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. EMC VSI for VMware vSphere AppSync Management (VSI AM).
#7 Fast Virtual Machine Recovery with EMC Avamar Instant Access Quick demonstration of 3 common VMware restore scenarios (VM instant access, fast VM-level restore using CBT and file level restore) and how EMC Avamar and Data Domain makes them all quick and easy when coupled with vSphere!
#8 The Power of Big Data With EMC Greenplum Chorus Big Data processing in real time doing analysis of user generated data using the EMC GreenPlum and Chorus and utilizing the power of Hadoop. See how system administrators and business users can create collaboration workspaces to analyze data.
#9 EMC Storage Resource Management Suite Monitoring performance and SLA management across the enterprise with EMC Resource Management Suite. Reporting has never been so easy.
#10 EMC Isilon Scale Out Big Data Storage See the vast features of EMC Isilon Scale-out Storage Cluster encompassing, hot-adding capacity/nodes to the cluster, tiering, cluster wide balancing and load balancing, WORM and replication capabilities.
#11 Simplifying Disaster Avoidance With EMC VPLEX A simulated hardware environment to provide access to the VPLEX Management Console. It presents an environment where two VPLEX clusters have been configured into a Metro-Plex.
#12 Advanced Replication With EMC VMAX Family See how EMC VMAX replication can help protect data from disasters and provide consistent data protection at an enterprise level across multiple data centers.


All Vlab's are coordinated by  
Chris Krestas


Chris Krestas


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